Summer Student

Openlab Intern 2015 Experience

Sneak peek into the life as a CERN Openlab Summer Student

It was a mix of bewilderment and awe when the first email came declaring that I was selected for the Openlab Summer Student Program. Little did I know that the journey would end in a mix of sadness (I never wanted to come back) and infinite memories (intricacies that even pictures cannot capture.)

A Summer at CERN: Evaluating OpenStack Trove as DBaaS Solution

I have been one of the 23 students participating in the CERN openlab summer student programme this year. Like two of my fellow students in the database group, Sneha and Anti already did, I want to share some insights into the project I worked on and in general about my experience with the summer programme. Thus, the post is divided into a general part and a technical part, which will sum up what I did with OpenStack and its component Trove.