Distributed Deep Learning with Apache Spark and Keras

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In the following blog posts we study the topic of Distributed Deep Learning, or rather, how to parallelize gradient descent using data parallel methods. We start by laying out the theory, while supplying you with some intuition into the techniques we applied. At the end of this blog post, we conduct some experiments to evaluate how different optimization schemes perform in identical situations. We also introduce dist-keras, which is our distributed deep learning framework built on top of Apache Spark and Keras. For this, we provide several notebooks and examples. This framework is mainly used to test our distributed optimization schemes, however, it also has several practical applications at CERN, not only because of the distributed learning, but also for model serving purposes. For example, we provide several examples which show you how to integrate this framework with Spark Streaming and Apache Kafka. Finally, these series will contain parts of my master-thesis research. As a result, they will mainly show my research progress. However, some might find some of the approaches I present here useful to apply in their own work.

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