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Indexes in Oracle DB part 1

Indexes… what indexes?

Indexes are one of the key Oracle features in terms of improving query performance and one might think it should be clear to everybody when and how to use them. Not at all... Working as a DBA for several years I was surprised to notice that so many developers do not know what indexes are, how they work and how to use them efficiently. I thought it would be good to put this knowledge down in a series of blog posts… and here we are!  Let’s start with…

Starting workload capture hangs - is it really problem with RAT?

If you plan to introduce changes in your environment and want to estimate their impact, Real Application Testing feature seems to be one of the best options. As we needed to check the influence of changes planned in our databases, I've started to look for good candidates to capture the workloads. I wanted to capture only workloads associated with small number of schemas, but from several databases, to be able to properly simulate as much types of production workloads existing in our databases as possible.

select 'Hello World' from dual@CERN;


select 'Hello World' from dual@CERN;


Welcome to this new blog: “Databases at CERN, powering particle physics”. Why yet another blog?

The goal of this blog is to make the work around databases at CERN better known by sharing technical information to a wider audience.  And who knows… it might trigger your interest in joining us for an internship, a fellowship or as a staff member.