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CERN IT-DB group develops a new WebLogic Command Line Interface tool for CERN Java Middleware Services

Oracle WebLogic 12c introduced a new REST API for managing and monitoring several aspects of a domain in a lightweight and fast manner. These RESTful interfaces represent the current industry standard followed by the noteworthy and widely used Oracle WebLogic application server. Feature introduced some time ago, but improved in the current Server version, allows administrators to access the most important WebLogic Server runtime values using a simple URL. Having every reason to believe that the potential of WebLogic REST services and its maturity level is apparent, CERN decided to implement a CLI system for serving the interface, having regard to the security, testability and performance aspects. This article provides an indication of the potential of the new management API and offers a comprehensive overview of the WebLogic CLI system architecture that is being developed at CERN DB group.

Konrad Kaczkowski (IT-DB-IMS)


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